About Page

Why the name Superset?

We all have our own set of opinions about life, happiness, politics etc. ┬áThe Superset shamelessly pilfers the best ideas from historical and contemporary thinkers and wraps them in bacon — something we should all metaphorically love. If you are interested in tolerance, equality, and leaving the world a better place for those coming after us, Superset will satisfy your cravings.

Why the term Valerianism?

Because it’s a world view centered in value. Also, in Latin the term valere means “to be strong, be well”.

Who is Brett?

For years I suffered from a multiple personality disorder. The rational part of my brain is atheist, the superstitious part is devout Mormon. I was raised with both Conservative political views and Liberal interpersonal values. How did I go from multiple personality disorder to multiple personality order? It’s a winding tale of undiscovered illness, heroic best friendship, obsession, and travel. I’ll have to tell you about it sometime.

On Twitter: @alderbrett and @valerianism